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Frederick Douglass High School ASHRAE Society Technology Award Winner – Second Place

ASHRAE highlights innovative building concepts, technological achievements, and proven sustainable design with actual operating data through the ASHRAE technology award.  Technology Awards are submitted to the regional level and then to the society level.  Society level awards compete on an international level from all of the regional first place winners.  Frederick Douglass High School is a facility housing 1800 students and 150 staff members.  The high school is conditioned with a geothermal water-source heat pump system, demand control ventilation, water-to-water heat pump domestic water system and LED lighting.  The school currently operates at 18.3 EUI out performing the average high school in the nation by 60%. 

The Bluegrass chapter technology award applications are due by the end of April for submission to the Regional level.  If you’d like to submit an application for a recently designed project refer to the following link under the resources section for the short form and send them to Jay McKinney [email protected].