A Letter From the President

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of our Bluegrass ASHRAE chapter members to the 2019-2020 program year. Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable summer and were able to spend some quality time with friends and family. While most of our members were taking a summer break from ASHRAE, your chapter Board of Governers members were working hard to co-host a joint CRC meeting for our Region VII and Region XII, which covers most of Florida and all of South America. I would like to extend a most sincere thanks to Mr. Grant Page from the Bluegrass Chapter for serving as a Co-Chair for the CRC event and for executing it extremely well. Everyone in attendance agreed the event was executed flawlessly under his management. Grant dedicated a considerable amount of his time and effort all last year and this summer. Thank you much Mr. Grant Page!

While I am extending thanks to our local volunteers, I would also like to recognize Mr. Douglas Cage for his service as our Chapter President this past ASHRAE year. Doug excelled in leading our chapter to another successful year. The Bluegrass Chapter finished 2nd in Region VII for our chapter activities under Doug’s management and we were recognized with several awards at the CRC. Unfortunately Mr. Cage has relocated to Virginia Beach recently. We will miss having him involved in our Bluegrass Chapter, but will keep a lookout for him at society events in the future. Thanks again and Best Wishes to Mr. Douglas Cage.

I am excited to announce your Bluegrass Chapter officers and committee Chairs for this upcoming year. We have several returning volunteers and also have several new faces that are glowing with enthusiasm to contribute to our local chapter. I believe with this team of volunteers, we are in a great position for success again this program year.


President – Jay McKinney (Thermal Equipment Sales)

President-Elect – Ian Colten (Davis & Plomin)

Vice President – Dereck Rowe (GRW)

Treasurer – David Rose (Big Ass Fans)

Secretary – Diego Rich (Big Ass Fans)

At Large – Carrie Kelty (CMTA), Grant Page (Mason & Hanger), Cory Sharrard (GRW)

Committee Chairs

Membership – Winston Arnold (Harshaw Trane)

Research Promotion – Andrew Jenkins (Trane)

Student Activities – Joshua Rice (Thermal Equipment Sales)

Webmaster – William Perkins (Air Equipment Company)

Communications Chair / Newsletter – Stephen Rast (Trane)

Young Engineers in ASHRAE – Austin Fackler (Victaulic)

Historian – Baala Manohar (GRW)

Government Affairs – Christian Tipton (Bluegrass Hydronics & Pumps)

Honors and Awards – Diego Rich (Big Ass Fans)

In order to more effectively communicate with our chapter membership, we have revamped our website again this year. While last year’s website was a marked improvement, the fundamental website foundation limited us in offering all of the features we needed to best serve our chapter members. Please take a look at the new website at the following URL: https://bluegrassashrae.org. Our events for the entire year will be loaded onto this site before our next newsletter so our members can plan well in advance by adding all events on their calendar well ahead of time to help avoid schedule conflicts. Please feel free to provide feedback on our website my emailing Mr. Will Perkins at c128web@ashrae.net.

Our chapter luncheaon programs this year will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. While Winchell’s was a great location for our programs we began to out grow the space, which is a great issue to have to overcome. Our programs committee has selected Nash’s Southern Table as our new venue for chapter luncheon programs. Nash’s is located at 286 Southland Drive in Lexington. This is just down the street from our previous venue (Winchell’s). Please be sure to fill out our feedback forms at the end of our first chapter meeting to tell us how you like the new venue.

Luncheon topics this program year will include the following:

  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1
  • Fire Protection Basics: NFPA 13 Review
  • Take it from a Millenial: Generational Differences
  • Domestic Hot Water Design and State Boiler Code Updates
  • Building Controls: The Future of Smart Technology
  • Autodesk Revit 2019 – Innovations, Process Tips, Q&A session
  • Energy Modeling

If you have any suggestions for program topics that you think would be of interest to our members, please let us know. With your feedback and participation we can better serve you as a member.

Outside of our monthly luncheon programs, we plan to have three separate fundraising events for Research Promotion. The fist event will be another Go-Kart Racing Grand Prix held at MB2 Raceway in Lexington on November 14th. Come join us for some fun indoors while it is cold outside. While helping support research programs critical to the advancement of the HVAC industry. In case you can’t make it to the 1st event or couldn’t get enough friendly competition to hold you over until next year, we will hold another Go-Kart Grand Prix on February 20th. Space will be limited, so please be sure to sign up early once we distribute the registration form. Our third RP fundraiser for the year will be our 7th Annual Golf Scramble. This will be held on a Friday in May 2020. Keep an eye on our website and our facebook page for more information later in the program year.

Thank you to all Bluegrass ASHRAE members for your support. ASHRAE as an organization simply would not exist without member support. Our members are our ASHRAE. Please do not hesitate to become engaged with your chapter leaders to help shape the operations of your chapter. Your feedback as a member is cirtical as this leadership team is here to serve you. And remember the chapter leadership team is always looking for new volunteers to assist in chapter operations and become a part of the leadership team. ASHRAE has much to offer to its members and even more to offer to its volunteers. The chapter Board of Governers meetings are held 12:00PM – 1:00PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Thermal Equipment Sales in Lexington, 680 Bizzell Drive. Any and all are welcome to attend to experience what goes into chapter planning and execution.